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Frend 300ml Hand Sanitiser

The Frend Hand Sanitiser Gel (300ml) is a clear gel with an alcohol odour used to ensure that hands are left free from bacteria. Effective against a wide range of mirco organisms. It is quick drying and leaves the hands supple and smooth.


Soiled hands must be washed before FREND HAND SANITISER GEL is applied. Dispense through suitable
equipment such as a dispenser, pump pack or hand dip tank to apply sufficient product to ensure total coverage
of hands. Rub hands together lightly so that the product dries on all surfaces of both hands. No towelling or
other cloth should be used to dry hands.


Alcohol content > 65%.
Bactericidal according to standard BS EN 1276
Appearance : Clear liquid
Odour : Distinct alcohol odour
Density at 20ºC (Typical) : 0.86 kg/l
Viscosity at 20ºC (Typical) : Spindle 4, 20 rpm 35-40 poise
pH (Typical) : 7.0

Frend 300ml Hand Sanitiser

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