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Professional fascia & Soffit Cleaning Services

Our aim is to leave your soffits, gutters and downpipes spotless.

Through time, airborne pollution and adverse weather even the cleanest of buildings will collect dirt, grime, mildew and green algae. This can be particularly noticeable on gutters, downpipes and soffits. These unsightly deposits can be effectively removed by Cleaning Doctor using state-of-the art cleaning systems.

The Water Fed Pole window cleaning system reaches and washes windows as well as frames, canopies, PVC, fascia and conservatory roofs.


Our innovation in window cleaning eliminates the NEED of ladders. Our operators work from the safety of the ground. Our pole reaches and washes previously inaccessible windows with ease, as well as easily reaching and washing windows over obstructions such as cars, lawns or flower beds.

Our products are environmentally friendly as no chemicals are used. The use of pure water will leave surfaces to dry to a spotless, streak free finish. We can maintain privacy with reduced disturbance.

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